“We initiate financial stability,
firm policies and amicable solutions”

Amenities, Securities and Protocols

At Emerson National Property we do not subscribe to the rule that “one program” fits all rather a Property Specific provides far greater solutions. Each Owners Corporation has different needs and requirements to suit their use a Business Parks, Multi Level Residential, Strata Retail or Mixed use. Each has a number to contend with.

Understanding your project and its objective is important to management so that we can put skills into place that assist both owners and occupiers to resolve practical owners corporation matters affecting the owners corporation future and strata set-up so that Key Deliverables can take place such as cost saving procedures and when they need to be completed.

The duties of the Manager are to carry out the following in accordance with the Owners Corporation Act 2006.


  • To administer the owners corporation.
  • To maintain the buildings so that they are compliant with all Statutory Regulations and are secure and safe.

Annual General Meeting

  • Convene and administer the Annual General Meeting submit and recommend:
  • Annual budget and financial statement
  • To record and distribute the minutes of the Annual General Meeting;

Financial Management

  • Provide and operate separate bank accounts for the Owners Corporation and each lot owner;
  • To provide Funds Management and to prepare annual financial statements of
  • Income and expenditure and
  • Assets and liabilities.

Property Maintenance

  • Arrange for repairs and maintenance of the Owners Corporation Common Property and Services 

Re-instatement and replacement insurance

Guide and arrange Re-placement / replacement Insurance as required by the Owners Corporation Act 2006. Ensures that the Owners Corporation and each lot owner’s interests are adequately protected:


Guide the Owners Corporation to comply with the Statutory Regulations


To act reasonably, responsibly and to carry out the instructions of the Owners Corporation’s in accordance with their responsibilities’ duties and functions.
The appointment of an Owners Corporation Manager does not relinquish the responsibility of lot owners that remains with the lot owners. It is the members of the owners’ corporation who must instruct the Manager.

Business Meeting