Knowledge and the experience are prerequesites for profitable property investments.

“That’s what we provide, experience and profitability”

Emerson National Property provides an effective, comprehensive and fully incorporated Property Specific Service dedicated to each property encompassing Commercial, Industrial including Business Parks and Retail Strata Management

Each investor has or may have a different approach or method to property investment thus our skills are to ensure that the project is presented correctly to its Target Market and that the leasing terms forms a secure partnership with the Investor’s strategy adding confidence to the investment as well added value these are our skills.

We constantly seek out new methods to broaden our skill base to continually improve our services, always with our client’s objectives in mind.

Our management performance is linked with our principals of property service open communication so that we are sure that our management performance is on track.

1. Property Management

Commercial / Industrial /Retail is a competitive market accordingly we are committed to broadening our skill base to deliver reliable professional service to Identify key priorities, develop timelines and deliver key initiatives setting ongoing targets and timelines

2. Facility Management

Establish responsive action for quality and affordable facilities and essential services management service ENP brings in rigour and attention to detail in this regulation compliant requirement.

3. Asset Management

Enhance asset performance, maximize returns add value to the project by supervising the management of buildings including industrial business parks and strata shopping centres

4. Strata Management

Understanding your project and its objective is important to management so that we can put skills into place that assist both owners and occupiers to resolve practical owners corporation matters affecting the owners corporation future and strata set-up so that Key Deliverables can take place such as cost saving procedures and when they need to be completed.