“The best outcomes and profitability are shaped by smart decisions at the beginning”


We know from experience that the way you begin a project sets the template for how you expect to finish.

The most successful Property Developments are well planned big or small they are well planned particularly Community Living and Multi Use Projects.

How will the building operate, will the building be able to be managed cost effectively and efficiently.

Support infrastructure is important – it contributes to community living regardless of whether the building is residential, commercial, industrial or retail.

These are fundamental and noticeable benefits for the buyer, accordingly we recommend that they be included in any marketing campaigns as a living or operational standard of the building.

Pre-planning for handover to the purchaser by simplifying the operational procedures, along with highlighting the benefits of the building and the manager from the commencement of the project builds satisfaction for the purchaser.

Every single stage is important are important regardless of intended use be it residential, commercial or retail.

Plan for the Owners Corporation to be a benefit

At the commencement of the project Emerson National Property makes available services to guide the Developer / Builder / Architect and Surveyor through cost effect operational procedures as well the services required for the building.

The design of the project can affect title boundaries, entitlements and liabilities which can have an effect on lot fees simultaneously make recommendations for additional services that may or should be included in the building for the benefit of the purchaser


The benefits of early planning are immeasurable the rewards of “Handover” create a reliable reputation as it builds confidence from the purchaser to the developer likewise the results follow on particularly for the potential manager who now has  an intimate knowledge of the building and to be sure that  the Developer’s  reputation is carried on  we implement the following

  • Establish and monitor new contracts for the operation of the building
  • Arrange for the progressive occupancy of the building
  • Deliver services as presented by the developer
  • Offer advice and information to new occupants who may not have had owners corporation experience before.