Successful Strata Management prerequisites are property knowledge and property experience

“That’s what we provide, property knowledge and experience”

- Neville Emerson

The contractual obligation of a Strata Manager is to ensure that all areas and facilities of an owner’s corporation are maintained in a safe, serviceable and compliant condition so as to produce safety to all owners and visitors along with financial security.

Understanding your project and you’re objectives regardless of the building’s selected use whether it’s residential, commercial or retail, the key targets are to be achieved are in accordance with the lot owner’s or committee’s instructions and should never be compromised.

The question is are the obligations of the Manager being attended to...

  • Is the building replacement insurance adequately covered?
  • Is the Manager providing proper guidance and advice?
  • Do the buildings comply with Statutory Regulations?
  • Are the buildings being properly maintained?
  • Are the Strata Records (Financial & Non-Financial) accurately maintained?

If the answer is no to any one question, then you need to complain in writing because these are all part of the Manager’s core functions.

Often the best choice is to find a new Manager.

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Strata Management