We provide a comprehensive and competitive,
property specific service

“it’s what we know, it’s what we do”

- Neville Emerson

Emerson National Property established in 1965 has combined it’s experience and knowledge to develop a strong profile, that provides property specific management services, including strata management. As innovators we cherish our independence and principals, as a priority we constantly seek new methods to improve our services, always with our clients’ objectives in mind, a fact bourne out by our professionalism, dedication and commitment to service.

We practice in a wide-range of management areas, residential, commercial and retail, including property portfolios by means of an active approach, adding value and maximising returns. Our specialties are Asset & Facilities Management, with Strata Management being a major division of our service.


Service Overview:

Property Management or Strata Management is about the delivery of unbeaten Property Services

"Our reward is your satisfaction"